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Madame Chu’s Satay Peanut Nyonya is a dense paste that strikes a balance between the heat of the peppers and the richness of peanuts. A total of 14 ingredients come together offering a sweet, hot and sophisticated flavor. This condiment goes well on its own with grilled chicken, fish, tofu; or can be mixed with coconut milk for a creamier consistency. It also works as a base for noodle dishes.

Madame Chu - Satay Peanut Nyonya

SKU: 0003
    • Dilute with Coconut Milk for:  satay, grilled chicken/beef/pork/seafood.
    • Dilute with Hot Water for:  dressing on tofu, salad, noodles.
    • Dilute with Broth for:  noodle soup.


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